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Posted by on 2013 Oct 1 |

The Wren’s Nest Remembers Those Lost at Ulf’Hara Disaster

The Wren’s Nest Remembers Those Lost at Ulf’Hara Disaster

(17 Shorka 410, The Crossing, Zoluren)

In the recent explosion disaster by the Elpalzi rebels at Ulf’Hara Keep, Zoluren lost a number of loyal people. Many of them have not been seen in many a year. I feel compelled to detail a small memorial note for them. Most were known to me.

These losses to Zoluren and M’Riss are substantial. We encourage all of the Tavern patrons to leave a memory of them on each of their scrolls:

Captain Kiernen Allvar

Lady Lindryl Jinsaith

Lord Yallance Linlaig

Opreina Moracul Zoranyl Si’drow

Kaovales Thinguard

Renshuel Talvoldien

Jonus, faithful Zoluren Pikeman at the ramp

And Ulf’Hara Keep, one of the few relics of the Empire that was inhabitable, lays in ruin. Renovated by the Traitor Sirolarn during his brief, self-proclaimed time as Prince, and then completely redecorated by Prince Vorclaf, the Keep itself is a pile of stone and wreckage.


Dreamheart Delaevan-Forestwolf

Dreamheart, owner of the Wren’s Nest Tavern, is a bardess in Zoluren presently. Telling the stories of the people and history of the Realm is her life’s work.