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Where did you get the idea for the site?

In 1996, Greywulf whispered to Dreamweaver, “You could build a gathering place for information and stories. Out…there…on the web of time.”

And there the seed was planted in the back of my mind. There it stayed, and germinated.

In 1997, over drinks in Taelbert’s, Firannion, Aifee, Agraynal, and Therrilliar were discussing current events with Dreamheart. They despaired of getting all the right information from the right people together to try to solve a particular dilemma that had cropped up. That was when Firannion asked Dreamheart if there was some way to …. gather it. Out … “there”. Aiffee’s face lit up. Therrilliar almost beamed, and Agraynel chimed in with, “Yes!”

And the seed which had already grown roots, began to sprout and became the reality of The Wren’s Nest Tavern. It opened in the year 349 at the “Crossroads of Everywhere”. A most convenient property acquisition – Location is everything, we hear.

My only regret? That Greywulf never knew.


Meet Wrenfirth, our mascot at the Wren’s Nest Tavern, who has been listening to patrons, customers, and travelers tell the tales of the DragonRealms since 349AL.

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