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Posted by on 2013 Oct 1

Lady Lindryl Jinsaith

Lady Lindryl Jinsaith

…nd grief. The Lady Lindryl is survived by their two children, Keresyk and Emmilyn; and her cousins, the Prince Belinrendrick IV and Princess Inavia of Zoluren.</p> <p>See Also: details of Lindryl at the Wren’s Nest Archives or Lindryl at Elanthipedia</p> <p>Everyone, please take a moment and add your memories of Lindryl below.</p> +1 -1…

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Posted by on 1999 Jan 7

Lindryl & Ralel Another Perspective

…secret spree I was sitting in the Tree in leth after a few of us talked to Lindryl. A Guard came up to me an asked if I would join Lindryl at the top of the tree.

Now being an old friend I went up there, It’s been a hard time on the poor girl. She talked to me and told me of her marriage to Ralel, I wasn’t surprised as I often wondered why she did not marry Keirnen. another thing she asked me was if She should give leth deriel to Ralel and go

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Posted by on 1999 Jan 6

Editorial: Lindryl and the Fate of Leth Deriel

…he hands of the L’Karm, it is most likely both Ralel and Keirnen will die. Lindryl doesn’t want this for obvious reasons. Lindryl has been putting all of her efforts into finding Keirnen’s cell, but it doesn’t look good. What may happen is one side or the other might offer an exchange — Keirnen for Ralel. Then both sides get what they want, and then the battle rages on. But the people of Leth are the ones who pay the price.

My parents and most

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Posted by on 1999 Jan 3

Ralel and Lindryl are Husband and Wife

…a place in Queen Morganae’s court. To this day they are still married, but Lindryl deserted Ralel to be with her human lover, Keirnen. This is Lindryl’s little secret.

Since Ralel was charged guilty for treason by the Honorable Sir Haragil, he has been turned over to Lindryl who plans to turn him over to Morganae. Since the secret of her marrage to Ralel is out now, she can -in no way- harm him, either by her own hand or by turning him over to

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Posted by on 2000 Jan 26

Lindryl’s Reappearance

…a 360 Andu sann Baresh. I’ve a bit of news on the reappearance of Mayoress Lindryl after her disappearance from the Services at the Ampitheater. I was one of those who went runnin’ off blind to try and get a line on what happened to her, and I figured I’d stop by the obelisk where the service was held for the Prince.

Now, as soon as I entered the cemetary I could tell something was amiss. There were strong winds gusting throughout the area, an

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Posted by on 2004 Mar 8

Lady Lindryl Has Baby Girl

…ber of the Court, little Emmilyn, daughter of Captain Keirnen and the Lady Lindryl.</p> <p>Mother and baby are doing fine — Captain Keirnen was still at sea with his duties and unable to be there, but Liohe, tutor to the young Lord Keresyk, stepped in to provide a little moral support for the event.The Lady Lindryl was attended by her own personal empath as friends gathered outside the Keep to wait for news.</p> <p>Zoluren and M’Riss celebrate thi…

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Posted by on 2000 Jan 18

The Prince’s Assassination

…s, “Take this one away. It’s bouquet is a bit off.” Belirendrick smiles at Lindryl.

Lindryl raises the glass to her nose, frowning.

Belirendrick says, “Now, I hate to do this, but I’m afriad I’ll have to hear only one more song. My old bones are wearying and I’m afraid I’m a bit under the weather.”

Lindryl sniffs the brandy.

Belirendrick says, “You are most talented and everyone should enjoy what you have to offer.”

Lindryl tak

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Posted by on 2000 Jan 25

Lord Sirolarn’s Message and Reward Announcement

…r of Belirendrick and the kidnapper of Vorclaf, 50 Platinum Kronars.”

Lindryl…” he turned to the Mayoress, “I..”

Lindryl nodded to Sirolarn. “Yes?”

Sirolarn replied, “I know not what else to do. I’m sorry.” He shook his head.

Lindryl shook her head and said in a wavering voice, “There is nothing else to do.”

Sirolarn said, “I was never meant to be here.” Sirolarn looked a bit lost.

Lindryl said, “Unless you can teleport so

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Posted by on 1999 Jan 12

Address at the Public Forum in Leth

…ained what? Ralel, naturally wanted control over Leth Deriel. In exchange, Lindryl was promised a seat at Morganae’s court. Lindryl agreed to these terms, in essence, trading her people’s futures away. When she met Keirnen, she backed out of the deal, demanding a divorce from Ralel, and this only made the situation worse. That tactless decision is what led to Ralel’s petition to Morganae for military action against Leth and the ensuing power strug…

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Posted by on 2000 Jan 19

Necromancer in Drags!

…y. Fact, we do not know, or I do not know, who gave him that Brandy. Fact, Lindryl said she found something strange in that brandy’s bouquet and spit it out. Fact, Lindryl gave the Brandy to Vorclaf, who says he finds nothing strange in it. Fact, the prince died. Fact, Lindryl fell tinglng in her lips.”

“I will tell you this, The brandy was poisoned… that is what kill the prince and make Lindryl ill… We do not know who gave it to the Prince… b

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Posted by on 2004 Jul 25

A Servant’s Writings

A Servant’s Writings

…had such energy and life that night and I remember him saying to the Lady Lindryl that he would give everything up for this dream. The meal was outstanding, as Arminous tends to prepare. He’s one of the best chefs in the lands. Jilly’n and myself often sneak samples from the cart. Good thing the pikemen aren’t guarding the kitchens or there would be a war inside the Keep.</p> <p>I remember that she preferred tea and was most gracious to me as I d…

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Posted by on 2004 Oct 23

A Future’s Past

A Future’s Past

…Elven and Human were quite rare and it was a shock to the Zoluren nobles. Lindryl, ever loyal to my lord for all his days, took the news with great jubilance. She cared not for the politics of borders and lands, only that my Prince produced an heir. This would relieve Keresyk of the burden facing him so that his destiny could be centered in Leth Deriel and M’Riss. I knew that for as long as my Prince would live that Lindryl and Keresyk would fore…

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